Router Woodworking

Machining dado
Matching dado

Blind slotting
Blind slotting with counterbore

Tapping wood and MDF
Tapping wood & MDF

PC 920
Porter Cable 920 (19.2 volt DC motor!)

Large holes
Large holes, slot, & edge all routed.

Tongue and groove
T&G, no special skills or cutters needed.

Picture/essay topics listed are original and all my work (including photos). Information here will not be found elsewhere on the website nor anywhere else to my knowledge. Product is based on my experience, tested, retested and/or appraised over time. The gist of the work is routing & finewoodworking, 30 years of it. Router appraisals, router components, methods of work that work, jigs, fixtures, and special ops.
Scan the lists, make a selection. I will email you the file (Word files).
This is a no risk library. If you like the file and it has merit for your application, send 2$, (no checks or other pay-instruments). If the product has no value then there is no charge.
Email title for prompt electronic delivery. Send remittance to:
ESCONDIDO CA 92027-3940 if product is what you were looking for.

New material will be added on a regular basis so click back from time to time. Thanks for your interest.
Price will be adjusted for multiple files.

Router Appraisals

  1. Porter Cable trimmer 310
  2. DeWalt 610
  3. Dewalt 625
  4. Milwaukee 5615
  5. Porter Cable 690
  6. Makita 1100 PK
  7. Bosch 1619 EVS
  8. Porter Cable 7518
  9. Porter Cable 7529 (Plunger)
  10. Porter Cable 9290 (Battery Powered)
  11. Bosch 1617 and 1618
  12. Porter Cable 7539
  13. Porter Cable 890
  14. Bosch 1613 AEVS
  15. Triton
  16. Festool OF 1000E
  17. PC LRVS 690
  18. Bosch RA 1166 (plunger casting in 1617PK)
  19. Fein RT 1800
  20. Makita 3612C, Hitachi M12V, Ryobi 600, Freud FT 2000E (one file)
  21. DeWalt 618PK

Routing (Files available now)

Titles to be added soon

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