Router Woodworking

Subbase 1
This trim plate has 3/16" of its thickness missing. Therefore, projections up to 3/16" proud of the face can be routed to near zero.

Subbase 1
Use a large diameter, short fluted cutter for best results. Climb cut shallow (<1/8" thick) projections for minimum surface tearout. Larger diameter cutters are better at bottom cutting.

Subbase 1
The unmilled section of the subbase is 12mm thick and will not deflect. All edges are deburred. Product is milled to your specs or mine.

There are occasions when it make sense for a router to trim something off the face side of the work. If 1/2 the subbase (and 1/3 of its thickness missing) is open to that obstruction it can be trimmed away without much ado. A proud dowel, peg or through tenon, for example, can be mowed down in no time with a router and trim subbase. Hardwood edging (thicker than the substrate) on ply is another possiblity. Whatever is sticking up can be trimmed, (provided it's routable with HSS or carbide).

With the Trim Subbase in play, lower the cutter gently on the work and lock the motor; let that be zero, no cutting takes place. Now raise the cutter slightly. Rout away the obstruction. Use a medium sized straight bit (>3/4" in diameter but much <3/4" in length) and climb cut shallow (<1/8") projections for a minimum of surface tearout. Leave no more material than you can comfortably sand or scrape away. (Note: Even tho the cutter is not touching the substrate the obstruction is wasted away).

The operation is not power damanding, 7/8 horsepower is enough to waste a 3/4" thick edging x 1/16" proud. Plungers and fixed base routers perform equally well. Copy the design of my plate on your MDF or plastic or email for a product quote. Prices will vary.

Product is custom made on demand (usually same day) to your specifications. Cutter holes are 1-3/4" unless otherwise specified. The subbase work face is wasted by 3/16" or to your specified depth. The waste (as in the photo) is ~3/16" inside of the cutter hole circle. Trim subbases are available for Milwaukee, most PC's, Bosch, some Makitas, and DeWalt routers. Email router model number and your specs for price quote. Prices will vary from 45$ to about 80$ with freight included.


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