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Templet Routing

Templates* are the keys to simplifying many complicated machine and hand tool processes. Templets are patterns, hard software, instruction sheets in an uncommon typeset, your avenue to precision, accuracy, & expedition. They take the risk out of complicated procedures, provide a means to preview ideas, and allow the inexperienced access to the complex.

Templets can be used with the drill press, shaper, sander, band saw, table saw, and router. Layout and hand tool templets are just as common, but the majority of templets (for wood, metal and plastic) are designed for router & shaper use.

The range & scope of the material herein, though suitable for short production (<1000 parts), is largely for prototyping, perhaps college classroom use, or to extend the range of skills to the experienced craftsman. Heavy duty duplicating is essentially the province of CNC machinery today; that is not the subject of this work.

This first section, describes the nature of the templet, its application, and material selection. Without it, subsequent studies will be difficult to understand; we all need some foundation. Later subjects will concentrate on their fabrication, securing the work, Complimentary Templet Routing, routers, collars, cutters & bearings, a simple pin router for stationary duplication, safe hand routing technique, low risk procedures for complex shapes, understanding the 12 degrees of freedom, & special ops (step & repeat functions, e.g. dovetail templets).

Please appreciate, that success with the design, fabrication and the use of templets depends on you. I can aid & abet, but those without priors in material prep, layout, measurement and some history of making stuff, will be frustrated. So it is with that I recommend this work to those who have a reasonable understanding of woodworking, you jig & fixture makers, plastic fabricators, and serious hobbyists. Moreover, to those experimentalists who have tried but have seen their work fly across the lab spontaneously, I strongly recommend this modest investment.


This first installment is an email able word & picture account of the above with 15 1150 pixel wide jpgs with comprehensive in-photo captions. It is $10. First time buyers will realize the discounts on subsequent chapters.

Doubt its merits? Email pat@patwarner.com for samples.

Convinced? Dictate where the files should be emailed and send (Check, cash or money order) remittance to:

* Hereafter templets. Though Template is the more common spelling, tem'plit (spelled templet) is the more common pronunciation and the one I like.

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