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Tee Square

A new Tee-Square, made x me in the USA, ready for your layout and setup needs.
Because of its long legs*, you can easily scribe all the way to the end of your work, left or right, and from the same edge. And whilst at the end of the your plank, you can check your cuts for squareness.

The beam slot's asymmetry permits a re-configuration of the tool. It can be set up for left or right handers or for more reach. To re-configure, the beam is removed, rotated, and re-attached; a 30 second divertimento. Its squareness is maintained by the auto-registration of the beam to blade connection**.

The tool is designed for layout, scribing, knifing, checking for squareness and jig set up; it's that accurate. Use the tool whenever your $400 Machinist's squares are at risk. (You should not use your expensive squares for scribing or knife lines, e.g.).

Want one? $80.00 + $6 s&h = $86
Can be made to your specifications.
Email pat@patwarner.com for purchasing details. Includes free Metrology PDF.


  1. Use-able blade length: 6.25" , (OAL = 7-9/16")
  2. Beam length (slotted member): 6.50", (Max inside reach 3.75")
  3. Straightness: Better than .0005"
  4. Squareness: Better than 3.0' of arc
  5. Beam slot: ~.25" x 2.0" and asymmetric.
  6. Material: 100% 3/8" Jig Plate Aluminum
  7. Weight: 310 grams, (11 ounces)
  8. Application configurations min. : 4 ways, upside down, right side up, both beam and blade edges. Ends machined square.
  9. Beam registration: Self indexing to blade lap.
  10. Can be re-trued: $15 + s&h . Note bottom of beam has ~.005" of true-able material.
  11. All surfaces, corners, edges ground, deburred, & micro-beveled.
  12. The perfect gift for your wood club, wife, self or girlfirend.

* 6.50" x 7.56"
** A 90.00° x .140" x 1.312" lap

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