Router Woodworking

You all know about safety and I'm sure you've been bored silly with topics like long sleeves, long hair, long extension cords, and working long hours. Well so have I and I'd like to offer a different take.

Routing, like any distinct woodworking process, has certain problems and risks that are peculiar to it. Router table risks are somewhat different than those of the hand router and you should know about both. Climb cutting, for example, can be a relatively low risk practice with the hand router but catastrophic on the router table.

I've spent a lot of time with the router and I've encountered (I hope) most of the hazards apt to happen with them. Strangely, very few of the dangers I'll refer to have been written about and they're not in any of the owners manuals I've read either. They are in my book however. Allow me to list a few.

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