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aluminum bars
The bar stock above was routed in a climb cut. Half the stock under the templet is galled and the result of anti-climb cutting. The safety issues and the procedure for routing aluminum is covered in "A Routing Outing".

"A Routing Outing" is an important (PDF) study of unpublished material on routers & routing. The router evaluations (24) are current and reflect the state of the art. A tool purchase based on the information in the PDF should not be met with surprise. Few stones were left unturned. Expect the facts, but more importantly, expect the information (good and bad) left out of the advertising and owner's manuals.

The routing section of the work has some answers for the guy who's thinking about putting his router in the tablesaw, routing aluminum, wanting to know the value of variable speed, in a quandry about charred cuttings, fabricating a good 50 cent starter router table fence, and getting a handle on collets. Other topics include an overview of templets, drilling and tapping wood. (This tech actually spends more time drilling than routing, a most important and underplayed woodworking process.)

To learn more about the character of the work, click on the Introduction and Table of Contents links. A copy of "A Routing Outing" is 20.00$. And email pat@patwarner.com for purchasing details.

My first PDF, "A Router Encounter" includes topics not found in the work above, (nor anyplace else). In that treatise you will find files, pictures, and observations about selecting a router, its application, spindle locks, cutters for morticing and jointing, locking the fixed base router, getting any shelf to fit a templet cut dado, depth of cut issues, free hand routing, routing plastic and MDF, extending the reach of your router table fence, and more. The "Router Encounter" can be added to the "Routing Outing" for 10$, (total $30).

Email pat@patwarner.com for more information.

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