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Edge guides, whilst in contact with the edge of stock, control the router and its cutter pathway. The cuts can include part of the edge or they can be inboard. Most router guides, (bearings, collars, and subbases e.g.) change the cutter path x increment. A change of collar guide rings from 1" to 1.25", for example, will translate the cutter pathway x 1/8th". The edge guide has no such limitation. That (its continuous adjustability) and its ability to position the router anywhere on the work make it a most versatile accessory.
Given that freedom of motion and control you can mortice, dado, cut sliding dovetails, screw-slots and so on.
Along the edge of stock, expect to make all of the conventional profiles, rabbets, bevels, round-overs, coves, tongues, grooves and so forth. Moreover, these cuttings can be of any width and do not require a bearing on the tool bit.
Add another edge guide to the opposite side of the work and you can't screw up an inside cut. The router will be trapped on the work and restricted to a one cutter pathway cut. With stops north and south you can restrict the cutter pathway to cut a well defined mortice or any practical rectangular excavation. With the edge guides against the work and no slop the cutter can only cut one diameter. Add a 1/4" of slop and you add a 1/4" to the width of the pathway.

The safest direction for edge guide routing is from left to right as you face the work. For more start-control I've shifted the centerline of the jig 1-3/8" to the left of center so more than half of the edge guide enjoys the work before the cutter gets there. Expect cruise-control from end to end and for stabilization use my offset subbase.

My Aluminum/Acrylic edge guide is simple, durable, transparent for easy work inspection, and designed for minimum deflection for precision cuttings. The work edge is straight to + or -.001" over its 9-3/8" length. The stout aluminum bar stock is square, routed to length and precision drilled. Its connection (2 1/4-20 cap screws) to the plate renders the ensemble deflection free, an essential for critical fail-safe routing. The rod fixing hardware is brass and will not slip nor ding up the rods.

Edge guides are easy on the router and they facilitate the routing process. My guides enjoy >4 square inches of intimacy with the edge of the work, averaging out sloppy material prep and ignoring jointer chop. Expect the best of routing with my edge guide, as the transfer of edge defects to the cutter path/profile is subtle to zero. Excess side loads from the edge guide are transferred to the casting not the cutter. That is one reason cuts from the edge guide are so well defined. Pull my edge guide as hard as you like against the work and expect profile definition and clarity. Over pull a bearing guided cutter against the work and expect some chatter or an image transfer of jointer chop, and prepare for the bearing to emboss the edge. Next time you have to do some quality routing, consider my Edge Guide, maybe a Subbase too.

Options & Ordering

  1. Edge guide with standard 11.75" rods, (No S&H charges) for the routers listed below: $85
  2. No.1 with round subbase (1.75" cutter hole): $100
  3. No.1 with DW 621, 625 & 6182 (shown) Offset Subbase (1.75" cutter hole): $125
  4. No.1 with Offset Subbase (1.75" cutter hole) for PC 890/690, Milwaukee 5615 & Makita 1100: $110
  5. 2 Edge Guides with 17.75" guide rods, (spans~9" wide stock): $150
  6. Edge Guide Adjuster /ea $18, 2@ $30.

Routers that accept the Warner Edge Guide: PC 690/890 series, Milwaukee 5615/16, DeWalt 621, 625 & 618, Bosch 1619, 1617/18, 1613, & Makita 1100's.


  1. Overall dimensions: 9-5/8" x 4-1/2" x 2" high.
  2. Material: 12mm Clear Acrylic. 1.5" x .75" 6061 Aluminum bar stock.
  3. Minimum material thickness rout-able: 5/16", with round plate, 3/32" with offset plate.
  4. Reach: 0 to 8.5" (to center of 17" panel).
  5. Straddle: With second edge guide and standard rods the router can lock on (straddle) boards up to 3-3/8" wide. Expect much more straddle width with longer rods.

* Caveat: Not for speedy micro-adjustability. On occasion, a rod might have to be loosened to facilitate a small change adjustment. Do appreciate, that the same precision fit that may frustrate a slippery micro-adjustment serves to lock up the tool and keep it from ever losing position. 3-0 steel wool and wax to the rods will add to easier adjustment.

Notes: S&H included in all orders. Ask for quotes where product not listed. Longer guide rods available. Product usually ships within 1 day.

Email your demands, questions, or request for quotes.
Or send order, along with check or money order to:
ESCONDIDO CA 92027-3940

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