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It is recommended that a solid carbide 1/4" cutter be used for the circle cut. That diameter not only matches the setup pin but will make the best circle. It is also recommended to use a templet on the work, not the jig. Let all your arithmetic mistakes realize themselves on an MDF templet sample. Whilst still on the subject, be mindful, the disk & hole radii differ x 1 cutter diameter. And those diameters are dependent on the cutter diameter. Using a 1/4" tool bit not only simplifies calculations but minimizes your messes.

The Circle making subbase is supplied with screw holes and hardware for most routers with US labels (Bosch, PC, DW, Festool 1400, Milwaukee and Makita 1100's). The router's handle axis will be as close to the long axis of the plate as practical. It can also be provided with no screw holes if desired.


1) Circle making subbase with all hardware and short pivot arm: $89
(Circles from ~1.5" - 24".)

2) As No.1 with long pivot arm only (13"): $100
Note, the long arm will make circles continuously from ~1.5" - 36".

3) No.1 with both pivot arms: $108

4) Long arm as a separate order: $28

5) Short arm as a separate order: $23

6) S&H: $11

Email for details and instruction PDF. Specify your router.

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