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Routing for Starters is a short* but valuable look at how to get started in routing. The work is intended for the starter who is about to buy or use a first or another router. The subject is routers, router control, the router table, router bits and day 1**.

It is not about how to design and make jigs, building the Ultimate Router Table, assessing the other guy's dovetail jig, or how to rout joints along curvy lines; there are already 30 router books on how to do that.

The work is an up to date account of the art of routing, how to select a router, how to control it, respect it, and what to expect from the machine. In short, my PDF starts where your owner's manual leaves off, a practical handbook.

The price, 20$, will probably come back to you by way of an educated purchase, a time savings, a simple & safe approach to a new routing confrontation, or maybe just a decision not to buy a router!

Email for your copy.

* 9 Chapters, 14,000 words and 82 pictures. The 9 chapters: The Nature of Routing, Fixed Base Routers, Plungers, The PK, Control, Router Tables (2 chapters), Cutters, and Getting Started.

** The check list for a safe start on day 1.

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