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Replacement Rounds

My replacement subbases are all 360° rounds, transparent, and drilled for your router casting. One size does not fit all. Moreover, the only holes in the plate are for your cutters and subbase screws. The cutter holes are 1.75" (smaller for trimmers) and not for collar guide-bush use. Custom cutter holes available.

The material is ~.25" Acrylic.
The plates are sized for your router and, where necessary, they're oversized to compensate for offset spindles, exhaust ports, or stability problems. The DW 621 plate, for example, is 7.6" in diameter (shown).

Subbases made of Bakelite, P.carbonate, and phenolic laminate are subject to flatness errors. If your router rocks and tips on a flat substrate, you should get a replacement. Cast Acrylic is flat and does not change shape with time or weather.

If you should ever break a piece off the plate you get a free replacement. Moreover, if you ever drive a screw through the plate and spoil the countersink; you get a free replacement too. Click the Precision Subbase Kit link for center-able collar guide bush plates.

All round plates on this link are $23 + $5 S&H. Should you purchase more than one plate there will be no S&H charges.

I make replacement base plates for PC, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, some Makitas , Elu's and Tritons. Email for a purchase. Include router mfg., model number, and shipping address to expedite. I use no third party money handlers; payment will be by check, cash, or money order. Shipping is usually on the same day you order.

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