Examples of Precision Routing

Router Woodworking

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Templet routing is an awesome and powerful system for shaping wood and other materials. The templet is the software of the system; all the cutting information is encoded in the templet design. Templets work equally well on inside or on outside cuts, moreover, they can function across the two boundaries. A single templet can be used in full thickness, less than full thickness or for line cuts one cutter diameter wide. In my second PDF I plan to include more on this truly remarkable process.

Lidded Box
The simple little lidded box is held together with a single routed lap dovetail. A templet with 1-1/4" hole in it was used to rout the finger grip access for the lid.
The experimental connection (in rear) requires a fastener to hold it together. The tenon was made on my tenonmaker in less than a minute. The disc was templet cut.
Close miters Close miters (returns in this case) are facilitated with a routed T&G. The core of the shelf (barely visable) is wood and has the tongue. Glue the front edge to the shelf, then the return. The end piece (return) won't slip this way. The faces on the miters were precision sanded, I could never saw that close.
Patch The utility hole in my beam became such a problem I patched it with the Jatoba, a complimentary/templet routing procedure. The hole allowed me to rest a router flat down with a cutter in the collet.
Bench Foot The foot on the floor of my bench was styled after some airport seating at LAX.
Misc This picture represents a fraction of the diversity of routing. The drawer pull finger land is a templet routed cut. The mortices are plunge routed in a jig and the slots for the splines are table routed, what fun!
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