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The sample cuts in these pictures are relatively shallow, quick routings, well within the scope of midrange plungers and fixed base tools. There's only one cut that was done without fixturing. Expect to make or buy plenty of jigs and fixtures if you choose to make routing one of your essential woodworking problem solvers.
Almost all of the samples have seen one or more templets, the key to high tech, precise and predictable routing. Templets eliminate mistakes, reduce risk, and simplify the cutting processes. For this there is a price: making the templet.
Take a look at the diversity of the work. Should you have a question or 2, send an email pat@patwarner.com, the explanations are usually simple.

Aluminum bar
This aluminum bar/plate prevents the screw heads from crushing themselves into the MDF panel. The soft end radii on either end of the plate were routed with a carbide trimmer and templet. The windows in the jig, (a dovetail tenon maker), were also templet routed.

The grip on the side of my toolbox was routed through a window templet on an incline.

This complimentary templet routed experimental piece was created from a series of templets and cutters. It is joined along its entire length with a centered 3/16" T&G. Procedures for designing a master templet can be found in "The Router Book".

The tight squiggly gluejoint detail is indeed a full thickness cut. It is not an inlay. The cutter is my design. It is proprietary and looking for a home in the right cutter catalog.

This rough and dirty HD 2 x 4 was morticed into a rough bolt sawn butt of ash. Even close work is possible on unmilled lumber with a router! The entire procedure is explained in "The Router Book".

Experimental and ordinary joinery are some of processes taught in my one-on-one individual router lessons. The lap in the foreground is another example of complimentary templet routing. The sliding dovetail on the rail has been dovetailed again to allow access of another dovetailed rail. The "dowels" on the end of the walnut stick are not dowels; they are part of the stock.
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