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Router Woodworking

The large platform (3/8"thick x 7-3/8") is supplied with either a PC collar guide cutter hole or standard 1-9/16".

Expect to do a little templet routing with this trimmer & its round subbase. Note, the cutter hole is not in the center of the casting; it is centered on my disk, however.

You'll have a hell of a time trying to tip this router over doing edge work.

The PR-20 is a wonderful trimmer, well powered, light (3.3 lbs.), nicely designed and worthy of respect. Its elastomer motor grip and handy electronics manage safety and control like no other trimmer. The VS (16-35Krpm) and soft start are unnecessary for small cutters, in my view, but sure to unnerve the competition. My sample vibrates a little too much at 35K but smoothes out at common trimmer speeds of ~ 25K.

A tool that is handled by its motor and casting should be free of burr and sweet to the touch; few routers are. The PR-20 is the first router I've ever handled that is completely de-burred. The long wire set (10') has its strain relief exit opposite the switch and view window of the casting, facilitating control and cutter visibility. The depth adjustment is 2 stage, and the motor travel is ~ 1.125". The use of the micro-adjust requires a twist of the casting to engage, an annoyance for this operator. The motor lock is a perfect, quick acting, over-center lever.

Expect to rout ~ 1/4" x 1/4" across grain, a demanding cut. However, this is a trimmer and as such, not designed to take this much wood for sustained periods. Use it for light, shallow trim and templet cuts. The self-release collet is the first in a trimmer. The collet nut is tightened with a single-wrench (with spindle lock); I use a 10mm wrench on the armature flats in lieu of the lock. The motor rests well upside down for this. The subbase end of the casting has been faced off but still rocks slightly on my granite surface plate.

To get the utmost control of this trimmer use my subbase accessories. You will not tip this router on tight turns or around tortuous templet contours with my offset subbase. The over sized (5") round plate provides more control for inside work and is cutter centered, (to the diameter, ~ + or - .006"). My subbases are supplied with either a 1-9/16" cutter hole or they are machined for PC collar guides.


In my view, trimmers are too small to navigate around a work piece without tipping and spoiling the cut. An oversized round or offset subbase is an essential for this operator. I make 4 subbases for the PR20. 2 to accommodate the PC/DW collar guide system (round & offset). And 2 with 1-9/16" cutter holes. The Round plates are 5.0" x ~6 & 9 mm x 360°. The collar accepting plates are ~ 9 mm thick and center-able to ~ + or - .002"*. The offset plates are 7-5/16" x 9 mm thick. All plates made of cast Acrylic. All items include shipping & handling.
* Centricity depends on the collar flange diameter, best at 1.374" - 1.375".

1) 5.0" x 360° x ~6mm with 1-9/16" cutter hole: $25

2) 9 mm x 7.3" Offset subbase with 1-9/16" cutter hole: $36

3) nos. 1 & 2 : $52

4) 5.0" x 9mm x 360° adjustable Collar accepting plate Kit: $60 (Includes round plate, 4 flange button screws, 2.5 mm cushioned Tee-wrench, pliers protectors, Neoprene wrench sleeve, machined acrylic index ring and .250" centering spindle. See Precision Subbase Kit)

4B) 5.0" x 9 mm x 360° collar accepting subbase with button flange screws only: $35

5) 9 mm x 7.3" collar accepting Offset subbase kit, (includes accessories in No.4): $64

6) 9 mm x 7.3" collar accepting Offset Subbase with button flange screws only: $42

7) Nos. 4B & 5 (same $ as nos. 4 & 6) : $75

8) Inquire about combinations not shown.

Email for purchase information or send check, cash, or money order with request(s) and shipping address to:

For more on cutter to collar to subbase centeredness see the Collarguide link.
Subbase prices elsewhere on do not apply to the PR-20.

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