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Subbases for PC 310 trimmer

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In my view, the PC 310 is the best of trimmers, not cheap, not perfect but a great tool nevertheless. The light, well styled, comfortable, 4 amp. tool is not as powerful as most of its competition but tough enough for its intended application. (For a detailed appraisal of the 310, see my CD-ROM). It might be expected that any aftermarket subbase on a trimmer is unnecessary. On the contrary, and although only 3 or 4 pounds, trimmers are just as unstable as any router routing along the edge of stock.

310 Subbase
Either plate can be supplied with a counterbored PC collar cutter hole. Some say that a brass collar nut will hold a little better than steel.
310 Subbase
That's me with my hands around the tool; it won't tip and I can see what's being cut.
310 Subbase
Real works of industrial art, dated in design but timeless nonetheless, better with my plates. The lock/lever is a reidtool.com perfect match, catalog no. KHB-230.
310 Subbase
An old CMT chamfer bit will fit through the collar hole. All of my plates have been deburred, either by machine or steel wool.

The base casting of the 310, more than 1/2 of a cylinder, does not allow a lot of work/cutter visibility nor stability. My subbases will make up for some of that, and to be sure, keep the tool from tipping as you rout along edges. The new offset plate positions the open face of the casting cylinder to the operator so you will see as much as possible. In addition to stability, visiblilty, and more control, you can wind the wire set around the offset knob for easy storage. Moreover, both the round and offset plates are substantially bigger than the castings and as such, if you drop the tool it will most likely meet the concrete at the subbase, not the router. It will chip, but go on about its business nevertheless; a router that lands on its head will probably be D.O.A.

The round plate is a 4" diameter disk x 1/4" thick. The offset base is 6" x ~3/8" thick and will not deflect. Its cutter hole is also centered to the diameter of the round end of the plate. 2 cutter hole designs are available for either plate; 1-3/16" and counterbored for PC collars and 1-5/8" for general (noncollar) use. A set of plates is 41$, includes S&H to US and Canada.

To make a puchase:
A) Select cutter holes for each plate, (PC collar or 1-5/8").
B) Email shipping address, (shipping UPS surface).
C) And agree to send me a 41$ check within 2 days of date of order. I will ship day of order. Please send remittance to:
ESCONDIDO CA 92027-3940

Questions or orders, please email to pat@patwarner.com. Concerns about collar/subbase/cutter centricity: See collarguides.

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