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Jigs and Fixtures

Whether you work in wood, plastic or metal, Jigs and Fixtures are your keys to safe and quality workmanship. Some folks are blessed with hand tool skills and need few jigs to line up their cuts. I can't backsaw to the line. I need measuring tools and fixtures to make a lousy rabbet. But with fixturing I can do as well as the hand craftsman. And I can do it with essentially no risk to me or the work.

Now, after 40 years of making simple things well, I know how to make a jig. It takes careful measurement (metrology), layout, planning, testing, proven components & substrates, reference strategies, and design time. If you agree email PAT@PATWARNER.COM for more on my new PDF.

The treatise uses up 9000 of my words to explain the principles of fixturing. Moreover, there are 27 1250 pixel wide pictures to help you understand the concepts. They include their own captions and each one tells a story. Email for the Table of Contents, text, picture samples and ordering information.

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