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This great little tool may become the new leader in trimmers. DW made sure they met or exceeded the features of the competition. Moreover, they added some exclusives such as LED lighting, a brake pad motor lock (no split casting), & its easy 618 up/down depth mechanism and motor extraction facility. There is no router that makes less noise.

Its openers are no more nor less significant than the others. Its metal finishing, ergonomics, electronics, collet design & grip, depth adjust slop, work/cutter visibility and wire set are about what the leaders possess. I am annoyed by its unflattened/rocky motor cap, the inability to read the on/off switch position at 3 feet, one wrench only collet spindle, and its road-map folded 4 language owner's manual.

They did a yeoman's job on beauty and strength. It is a stunning industrial work of art. And its motor is above average. Its spin, balance & flywheel are remarkable. A couple of x-grain 1/4" x 1/2" wide tunnel cuts, its practical waste/pass limit, are no problem for this machine. Moreover, it will cut shallow ways & dovetails sockets, provided they're taken in 2 to 3 stages. I would add the caveat, however: 1/4" shanked tools are under-rated for full depth single pass dovetail templet cuts. You'll put this tool under duress and you may break cutters doing these excavations at full depth. This armature should have been supplied with a 1/2" collet, albeit for limited use. To be restricted to 1/4" shanked tool bits is a serious handicap for any router.

Bottom Line: Beneath it all, it's still a 4.25 pound, VS soft-start trimmer. Its performance is essentially the same as the PC 7310, PR-20 or any of the 1 h.p. Tom Collins routers. To be sure, it is easy to use, set depth, or trade its motor over to the Plunge casting.

For more balance and control use one of my subbases. They are designed exclusively for this casting, & will not associate (fit) with any other router, here or abroad.


DW 611 subbase options. All product includes subbase screws, shipping & handling.

10% discounted on all but the first plate in your order.

  1. Round replacement subbase, ~1/4" x 5" with 1-5/8" cutter hole: $23
  2. Precision Round/Centerable*, ~9mm x 5" Subbase with collar cutter hole.
    1. With flange button head screws only......: $34
    2. With centering accessories: screws, precision .250" pin & ring, 1 neoprene wrench sleeve (not shown), 4 pliers tip protectors, 1 cushioned T-Allen key, and instructions....: $56
  3. 9mm x ~7-5/16" offset Subbase x 1-5/8" cutter hole: $33
  4. 9mm x ~7-5/16" Offset subbase with center-able collar cutter hole, supplied with screws only: $46
  5. 9mm x 7-5/16" Offset Subbase (as no.4) with centering accessories: $59

To streamline the ordering process: Email pat@patwarner.com your request with your shipping address. Same day shipping is ordinary and should be expected.

* See the Precision Subbase Kit link for more on this design.

Picture Captions

1) 611 VS Compact Router with my 1/4" x 5" replacement subbase. The 1-5/8" cutter hole permits cutters up to ~1-1/2" in diameter.

2) Tho you wouldn't expect it, a one-handed tool is far more stable with 2. My offset plate will flatten the machine on the work whilst routing around corners or tortuous templet patterns. Made in 9mm Acrylic, just enough product to prevent deflection.

3) Improves handling, visibility, control, and safety. Available with DW/PC collar and 1-5/8" cutter holes. Use it when the round plates (no.4 or no.1) compromise stability. The centering and sundry accessories are available for precise cutter to collar centricity. Screws, (special large, flange head cap buttons on adjustable plates), are supplied. FYI I make all product and this one requires 34 operations.

4) The Precsion Round subbase, like the Offset plate in no.3, is centerable to .002" or better. Use it for close order templet cuts. The 611 has the power for dovetail templet cuts, albeit in 2 or 3 steps, never all at once.

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