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In this E-Booklet I characterize the use and applications of the great drilling tools for wood, plastic and some metals. Whether to hold furniture together or to make quality jigs & fixtures, you have to drill holes. Command of the drilling tool is therefore essential. Fine drilling is art, science and engineering. To be sure, the leaders in manufacturing have made it their business to make pretty tools; they are clearly works of art. It is our business not to abuse such beauty and to make holes that fasteners, pins, and hardware enjoy.

A hole, depending on the tool, operator, press and material, can be cut to perfection. It is not calculus to produce a clean entry & exit, a hole without a scuffed wall, or a hole with the intended diameter punched in the right place. The tools in this work, whilst expensive to some, will drill near perfect holes. Compromise on drill tool quality and compromise the character of the hole, its location and perhaps safety.

In this work I explore the important drilling tools for ordinary boring tasks. That is, holes reamed to .000N" in diameter and holes that need countersinks and counterbores. Moreover, I address hole making that must be preceded with starter reamers to insure on center drilling, and holes prepared for taps. What is not covered are those drilling tools that guess at their location, self destruct, disrespect the machine and the material they drill in & get hot doing it. That would include most carbon steel tools, adjustables, Forstners, spoon bits, multifluted 5$ countersinks, spade bits, multispur cutters and hole saws. Elitist boring you say? Hell Yes. This was written exactly for the elitist craftsman tired of wrecking stuff, drilling off center, guessing & hoping rather than knowing, & ready to spend a little and ready to do good work.

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