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Drill Press Essentials

My drilling E-booklets concentrate on drilling with the drill press.
The subject material includes information on how to drill well, on center and in a predictable manner. The first one here ("Drill Press Essentials") gets you thinking about the necessary, & practical components/accessories of and for the machine. Without them, you're guessing your way through the process.

Burnt drills, oval & oversized holes, busted taps, companion work pieces whose holes for fastening or portals for components don't line up, chucks that fall off the press, screws that break or strip, exit & entry wounds, loose hardware from crummy drilling practice, drilling tools that don't do what they're supposed to, a history of injury to you or the work, you know who you are. I've been through it all too. And I still screw up, but I know why. This work should help clear up the mythology of this downright simple process.

My goal here is to get you drilling accurately in plastic, some metals, wood & wood products. First we understand the stuff. Just like the computer; you can't do diddly until you have the computer, an operating system, mouse, & screen; that's just for openers. The same holds for drilling on the drill press.
The press and the first 20 or so things you should know about are in this E-booklet.

The anatomical dissection of the press is absent in this work. Moreover, I do not address the ubiquitous 3-500$ 12 speed imports. Owners of these tools have already blown their chances at close order drilling. That is not to say, you can't drill to a mil (.001") with one, but you will have an uphill battle until you get your arms around the variables. (Material prep, understanding work holding, fixture making, stabilizing the machine, selecting the drilling tools and schedules, speeds, feeds, marking, layout, indexing, and so on).

So if I have your interest and you have 10 bucks we can get started on the things you need to get started. & may I emphasize, you have an advocate here, not an adversary; I'm on your side. I have not culled the material from the literature. Moreover, the practice presented here is a result of doing everything wrong, consulting with engineers, doing my homework (x 30+ years), wrecking more material and finally getting it right.

There are nineteen pictures, and a few thousand words on the table, treadle, chuck, quill, fence, stops, work light, speeds, stand, electrics and so on. The rough material to make drilling enjoyable; not the micro-details of product reviews, but the cut-to-the-chase nuts & bolts of drill press essentials learned the hard way.

Email pat@patwarner.com for details on the product ("Drill Press Essentials") and a picture/word sample. Product ($10) is Zipped PDF and jpgs files.

A CD-R is also available ($17). Watch for more Booklets in the weeks ahead.

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