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The Check List

This booklet lays out the important steps to follow before making holes with your drill press. The ideas are simple and easy to do. For example, we obviate the need to rely on hand & eye to hit your target drill center. With simple table set ups we guarantee you'll hit center with your eyes shut & the work unmarked. I'll show you that scribing or punch marking the work, although sometimes useful, is not a reliable method of finding center. Moreover, in this booklet, you'll see why the work can move spontaneously and how to get it under your control. First we affirm the press can drill straight & the table is fixtured and configured for the job. We then account for the fence, the dimensionality of the work, address the layout, refererencing, and finally immobilization; a check list.

You pilots know what I'm talking about. This is but one more approach to the glide path. The landing is the drilling operation, that comes in the next booklet. This one: A couple thousand words and 11 big pictures (1050 pixels wide, no dinky snap shots). Spartan but valuable, brevity is the soul of wit here.

Email for purchase details and a picture word sample if desired.
Product is Zipped PDF & JPG files emailed to the destination of your choice.
Price: $10.
Add the "Drill Press Essentials" E-Booklet for a total of $18.

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