Router Woodworking

Use with collar guides. All product precision machined (x me), deburred and ready for work.
Use Reid tool lever KHB-56 to lock the motor.

The 5" plate is perfect for control on inside cuts. You can see the cutter and anticipate the scribe lines. One hand use makes sense here. (The cutter hole is centered on the diameter of the disk)

The router is situated on the plate for maximum cutter visibility; as such, eye protection is essential.
A cinch to control, just 7.3" long, but long enough and with enough surface area never to tip.

The Porter Cable 7310, like many other trimmers, is designed for one-hand grip control; the left hand does nothing. A smart design for a 3 pound tool, but with its small rectangular base casting and top-heavy motor you can't keep the booger from tipping. Nevertheless, you have a good tool, difficult to adjust up and down perhaps, but long lasting to be sure. As such, you're going to have a hard time wearing this tool out, so you might as well have it under your control while you try. And you will with my subbases.
My plates (a set) are designed to control the 7310 on inside and outside (edge) cuts. The round and offset subbase ensemble is for all occasions. The 7.3" long (x ~3/8" thick) precision offset subbase will put you in control on all outside cuts; the router will not tip no matter how tortuous its trip. The oversized (5" diameter x ~1/4") round plate is designed for inside cuts where an offset subbase has no advantage.

The plates are sold only as a set. Parts are not available separately nor elsewhere on the website. They are supplied with either of 2 cutter holes: The standard counter bored cutter hole for guide collars and small cutters and 1-5/8" for general use. Please specify. I use only the centered 3 hole screw circle with separate screws for each plate. Edge guides and accessory roller guide kits are not supported when the subbases are in play. Price, (40$), includes assembled product (round & offset plates), screws, freight, handling, and instructions.

(Note, very few 45 degree bearing guided trimmers will fit through the collar cutter hole).

Questions, orders: Email pat@patwarner.com or
Send 40$ (with cutter hole choices) to:
ESCONDIDO CA 92027-3940

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